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Our teachers focus on communication and speaking practice being the most effective and dynamic ways of language learning. Language is the reflection of culture and we offer workshops to initiate our students into Art, Gastronomy, and Cinema, in a cozy and homelike atmosphere.

The lessons are created for adults of all the nationalities who are eager to learn French, deepen their knowledge of up-to-date French and get to know France.

In brief, Langue Appart' is

  • Learning in small groups (8 people max): which encourage speaking practice and simplify interaction between students.

  • Communicative and lively approach

Lessons are focused on listening and speaking though reading and writing are not neglected thanks to a variety of exercises and homework. Grammar is taught through communicative situations and tasks to facilitate the acquisition of new structures and to provide the necessary elements to progress quickly. Written grammar exercises and theory are given to perfect speaking skills.

Pedagogical progress corresponds to exams DELF/DALF and follows CECR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment)

  • Lessons based on spoken up-to-date French: language is used to communicate so it's important to practice speaking for fluency.

  • Lessons adapted to students' level: teachers create worksheets themselves for classroom use. Teaching materials are diverse: texts, grammar and vocabulary exercises, audio and video documents, songs, newspaper articles etc.

  • Phonetics workshops

  • Cultural workshops to strengthen your knowledge of French culture.

* If there are less than 5 students in a group the duration of the session is shorter. For example a group of the intensive course which consists of 4 students will study 3 h/day instead of 4 h/day.