I am a translator and I have been to many language schools in my life (I speak 5 languages fluently). I've been taking classes in a few different schools in Paris and after two months at Langue Appart' I can honestly say that this one is by far the best of Paris and one of the best I've been to.
The price is unbeatable, paying this low of a price in Paris you usually have to compromise sitting in a very large class. But the classes are always small and cozy. The ages were always very mixed which made conversations very interesting.
The two teachers (who also run the school) are very experienced, patient and professional, also making even grammar lessons fun. After a few weeks and having participated at the free fun activities you will find yourself being friends with everyone from the school. If you have questions, Carolina the secretary is also super nice and always answered me straight away.

I am so happy to have spend my summer at this school and I highly recommend it to anyone!